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The Net-Tell LLC Experience is Often the Best

June 30, 2017

For any Net-Tell LLC customer who has a fairly good broadband connection, which means virtually any broadband connection, it is unlikely they will notice any difference at all in call quality. In fact, once they complete the exceptionally easy set up, they will so everything roughly the same as they have always done it with the local phone company. You dial numbers and call the same people you always have and you speak to them the same as always.

The real difference comes with the cost. Each Net-Tell LLC home telephone plan comes with unlimited minutes on call throughout the United States with no long distance charges, as well as the lowest international calling rates possible. In addition to the all-inclusive domestic flat-rate calling, they also receive a huge number of free high tech calling services that many local phone companies don’t make available and, when they do, they charge fees for. This include the usual Caller ID anonymous call blocking services, but they also include conference calling and a host of others. With Net-Tell LLC, you make calls like always, only better and at a lower price.