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The Best Full-Featured Phone Service Anywhere: Net-Tell LLC

October 19, 2018

One thing customers who sign up for Net-Tell LLC home telephone service figure out early on is that the service is fun to play with. When making a phone call, everything works exactly as it did before, except that they won’t have to use a stopwatch to time calls. They use the same phone, call the same people dialing the same numbers the same way and all that.

The real fun comes when Net- customers Tell LLC discover the myriad extra features available to you at no extra charge. Of course, they get Caller ID service for all incoming calls, but they also get Caller ID blocking service, to prevent certain people from getting your number when you call them. Net-Tell LLC calling plans also include a state-of-the-art voicemail system few can match. Customers also get three-way calling, allowing you to bring another caller into a conversation, and conference calling, which means you can practically hold an office meeting from home and bring in many other people.Net-Tell LLC customers can also forward calls to a cell phone or a work phone, so the kids don’t have to remember a whole bunch of numbers or guess where you are at any given moment. There also is a “do not disturb” feature, which allows you to block all numbers while you take a nap, hold a meeting or just want to be left alone.