April 22, 2019
Net-Tell LLC provides every customer with the best and most advanced voicemail service anywhere, and they include everything is included at the standard flat rate. In fact, the only thing about Net-Tell LLC phone service that is less than many expect will be the monthly bill, as many customers save hundreds of dollars a year, with no surprises even possible. You know exactly how much you’ll pay because their calling plans include everything. In fact, among the free extras included with every phone plan is the ability to block international calling, so the kids can’t even accidentally drive the bill way up. You’ll never pay for domestic long distance.

Unlimited calls with no long-distance charges is at the center of every Net-Tel LLC home telephone plan. They also offer the lowest available rates on international calls, and they include dozens of advanced free features that traditional phone companies charge a premium for, if they’re available at all. There is Caller ID service, for example, so you can identify most incoming callers, and Caller ID blocking so the people you call won’t get your number unless you give it them. Net-Tell LLC home phone service also includes conference calling, three way calling and anonymous call blocking, among others.
October 19, 2018
One thing customers who sign up for Net-Tell LLC home telephone service figure out early on is that the service is fun to play with. When making a phone call, everything works exactly as it did before, except that they won’t have to use a stopwatch to time calls. They use the same phone, call the same people dialing the same numbers the same way and all that.

The real fun comes when Net- customers Tell LLC discover the myriad extra features available to you at no extra charge. Of course, they get Caller ID service for all incoming calls, but they also get Caller ID blocking service, to prevent certain people from getting your number when you call them. Net-Tell LLC calling plans also include a state-of-the-art voicemail system few can match. Customers also get three-way calling, allowing you to bring another caller into a conversation, and conference calling, which means you can practically hold an office meeting from home and bring in many other people.Net-Tell LLC customers can also forward calls to a cell phone or a work phone, so the kids don’t have to remember a whole bunch of numbers or guess where you are at any given moment. There also is a “do not disturb” feature, which allows you to block all numbers while you take a nap, hold a meeting or just want to be left alone.
January 15, 2018
When customers start to use Net-Tell LLC for home phone service, they are often surprised by the fact that everything works exactly as it did before, although it is often better. By using an existing broadband router to send phone calls over the Internet, Net-Tell LLC saves a lot of money over building and maintaining hard wires, and they turn around and pass those savings on to their customers. Besides unlimited domestic long distance, they also charge less for international calls. Best of all, they also offer many free services that many phone companies charge extra for.

In fact, Net-Tell LLC offers so many free features, their customers often think they are getting the best home phone service they have ever used, even though it comes at a great price that fits into nearly any budget. VoIP technology has served to revolutionize home phone service in recent years, in part because it is easy to set up and very cheap to use. Anyone with a broadband Internet connection, there is little difference in call quality; it may even be better. That’s why Net-Tell LLC has become a leader in the telephone service.
June 30, 2017
For any Net-Tell LLC customer who has a fairly good broadband connection, which means virtually any broadband connection, it is unlikely they will notice any difference at all in call quality. In fact, once they complete the exceptionally easy set up, they will so everything roughly the same as they have always done it with the local phone company. You dial numbers and call the same people you always have and you speak to them the same as always.

The real difference comes with the cost. Each Net-Tell LLC home telephone plan comes with unlimited minutes on call throughout the United States with no long distance charges, as well as the lowest international calling rates possible. In addition to the all-inclusive domestic flat-rate calling, they also receive a huge number of free high tech calling services that many local phone companies don’t make available and, when they do, they charge fees for. This include the usual Caller ID anonymous call blocking services, but they also include conference calling and a host of others. With Net-Tell LLC, you make calls like always, only better and at a lower price.